Monday, 13 August 2012

Peacock Feather Logo Design for "Argus"

This was something I did a few months ago now, although I still feel it is worth sharing. A small business approached me to create a pair of logos for their "Argus" name, using my peacock feather illustration and the "Harrington" font. (Even though I already had the elements I needed to create the logo, it was a big surprise to be asked, as logo 'design' is not something I can say I do very often!)

I experimented with various placements of the feather around the Argus name and came up with many ways in which the logo could be done.

After a few tweaks, the following are the resulting final pair of logos which are to be used for the business's website and office stationary.

 Here are some of my previous experiments. I enjoyed fitting the shapes together and seeing if I could create a flowing, oragnic shape that flowed in harmony with the type.

I was surprised at how well my feather illustration lent itself to a more structured shape/design. Using my illustrations/putting them into context reminds me of how versatile illustration has the power to be.
As an alternative version and to simply see how it would work, this full peacock design was also considered, but we decided that it was slightly too extravagant for this particular purpose!


  1. Love the chosen portrait logo. It's both solid and elegant which is rare but nice to find in a logo. Awesome work!

    1. Thanks Colin :) Its really good to have feedback from a designer!!