Saturday, 21 December 2013

Personal // Ellie Goulding Drawing (A work in progress...!)

Something different for me: portraits. An Ellie sketch developed into this finished drawing during a bout of lots of portrait/people practice in 2012. 

This is my favourite of the bunch and still remains uncoloured! We all know "WIP"s always end up being long forgotten relics in our desk drawers, but hopefully that wont be the case with this one...

(C) Amy Holliday 2012, please do not take or use without permission

Monday, 16 December 2013

Gallimaufry by Grace // Flamingo Gift Shop Sign

A few photos of one of my flamingo illustrations in use - this one makes a very pretty logo and sign for Gallimaufry by Grace gift shop, located in Mississippi, US!


What a beautiful little shop! These photos are courtesy of the owner.

More of my very vibrant greater flamingo series can be found here.

Digital Arts Feature June 2013 // What's hot in Animal Illustration

In June I was featured in an article published in Digital Arts magazine! (Pretty delayed I know - I had completely forgotten about it and have only just seen the finished article!)

A handful of (fabulously talented) contemporary illustrators give their perspective on current trends in animal illustration, and discuss preferred techniques to capture their animal subjects.

I was flattered to be one of those illustrators asked to contribute, alongside Sarah Maycock, Tim McDonagh and Kristjana S Williams and more, all of whom I am personally a fan of.

You can read the full article here

(Only a small part of what I submitted was included, so I think I will blog the rest of it here!)