Friday, 31 August 2012

Peacock Wallpaper - for Desktop, iPad & iPhone/iPod

I am designing some wallpapers!

Feel free to decorate your computer desktop, iPad, iPhone or iPod with them, and share them with others. I experimented with a few different layouts for the designs, but in the end it was clear that simple and clean is best, with plenty of space for desktop icons and apps. Please let me know if you like them!

First to be made into a wallpaper is his royal-blue highness, the peacock.

To download: Right click and select "open link in new window"

Desktop (1920 x 1080)

iPhone/iPod (40 x 960) 
iPad (1536 x 2048)



  1. This is beautiful.. I will def be using.

  2. Is this watercolour? You do this directly to a paper? Beautiful tecniques! I wonder what tecniques you use :O

  3. So beautiful. I want this for my iPhone. Can i download it for free? cep telefonunun