Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Website Update for 2014 (Finally!)

Hooray!! I have finally finished updating my website! Lots of new work and a slightly fresher layout...if you have a moment to spare go take a look!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Parrots in Love! Red and Blue Macaw Pair // Avairy Logo

I recently had the pleasure of painting more macaw parrots. This time a loved-up couple to be used as a new logo for the wonderful "Feathered Companions Avairy" in Delmar, Maryland. The aviary breeds many kinds of parrots, but the stars of the show are of course the big-hearted and beautiful macaws. 

It was great to work on the parrots' face detail this time, (my previous paintings are less detailed)

:: Process and Roughs...

There were many possibilities for the design, which I drew inspiration for from the aviary's own photos. Below are just some of my exploratory drawings... flight and very happy:

...and a baby.

You can find previous posts with my macaws series from 2011 here:

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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Angus Update #3 // Fairytale Scottish Castle & Bonnie Highlands teaser...

Another teaser from my unreleased "Angus" storybook work... I love these Scotland highlands. Being from Cumbria obviously the fells and highlands of "up north" are close to my heart, so illustrating these landscape scenes was a treat, even if they took a LOT of practice to get right...!

Image (C) Amy Holliday 2014 do not use without permission. 

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Celebrating Germany's Spargel (White Asparagus) with the Brandenburg Gate // b.there! Magazine for Brussels Airlines

I was asked to illustrate Berlin's majestic Brandenburg Gate...but not as we know it...for Brussels Airlines in-flight magazine "b.there!".

The article discusses Germany's annual white asparagus obsession, as it becomes the traditional dish of the spring season which is enjoyed all over the country throughout the springtime months.

The main aspect is of course the asparagus, but I also wanted to highlight the glory of the gate itself - grand architecture can look even more stunning in certain light, so I chose to show it off with a golden sunrise.

I am very surprised to have been asked to draw something so quirky. Obviously my favourite part of the whole gate is the horses on top...

The article in b.there! magazine - (right click > open in new window to view)

:: Process and Roughs...

The overall idea was for the columns to become the asparagus, but I began with a few ideas which helped to decide how far the asparagus theme could be (or should be) taken.

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