Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fine Art Greetings Cards by Green Pebble

I am very excited to announce that you can now buy some of my illustrations as fine art cards!

They are: the wheaten maran hen, welsummer rooster, three lutino (yellow) budgies, proud blue budgie, goldfinch pair, kingfisher and bullfinch.

Green Pebble are the makers of beautiful fine art greetings cards, and their products appear in shops, galleries and museums all over the south east of England. They are quite a new brand, and originally they started by featuring the artwork of only East-Anglian artists on their cards, however they are now branching out to feature artists work from all over England.

I am so proud to be included in their range of cards, as all of their other artists are so very talented!

You can shop my range from the Green Pebble website here

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