Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Desert Scroll - Camel Illustrations final piece

I finally got the chance to finalise my camels project, by making my desert mural into a scroll! I wanted to have  some kind of artefact that can both present the illustration and at the same time have a tactile quality or be something to hold. At first it seemed like the whole idea wasn't going to work at all, but after finishing it, I am very happy with it. I took the chance to get some photos, just in case it gets ruined while the work is being marked!

"Crow's Fall" Exhibition Banners

To present my finished Crow's Fall poem illustrations, I made a digital "mock-up" for how the banners might appear in a public space, such as a book store or an exhibition celebrating poetry.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


For my final project of the semester, and my final university project ever(!) I was asked to create a "man-made" font, due to the fact my tutors wanted to see me illustrate something that was not of the natural world for a change haha.

I ultimately decided to base my new typeface on the very interesting, old, rustic-looking gardening tools my parents have in thier garden shed.....I scanned most of my pencil drawings before I began to add colour to them: (click to enlarge)

After producing studies, I began to shape the tools into letterforms in order to make up a word to present my font:

Final piece: (click to enlarge)

Monday, 9 May 2011

The Goldfinches and the Lovebird

I was recently asked to contribute to a school's auction in the form of a commission (yay! my first proper commission!!)  to produce an illustration similar to my previous fish and budgie studies. To make sure the outcome would be similar, I decided to illustrate a lively and colourful bird.

I produced a number of goldfinch studies; the idea being the most successful would be the commissioned piece.

However after doing these, I was very unsure about their duller colours! And so I did one more, this time a lovebird, which i'd recently seen at the pet shop where I did my budgie studies.

In the end, I chose the lovebird to submit as the commissioned piece. As a form of self-promotion, I included a small plaque featuring information about me, as well as a stack of business cards for anyone at the auction who may be interested in my work. As this was my first attempt at a business card, I feel they could be improved upon in the future. I plan to re-do them and one change I will make is making my contact details larger!