Thursday, 21 February 2013

Experimental: "Hair-style Personality" Portraits

Now for something completely different: Through December and early January I attempted some portraits.... These particular ones were inspired by three close friends of mine and their distinct personalities. I now know that I love drawing hair, so I made this my focus. Presenting "occasion" hair, 
"winter" hair and "nature" hair (still a work in progress)..

They are a little different to my usual approach because I experimented in a number of ways, including my drawing style, paper type and painting technique.

In my opinion they have a very girly, soft, almost story-book style to them. I prefer my more loose and relaxed style over this more clean, smooth 'cute' style. I may not be overly happy with them, but their 'portraitees' love them. 

As with the cat breed portraits, I look forward to taking a more relaxed, looser approach to my drawings next time. Perhaps some more life-drawing is in order..

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