Sunday, 17 February 2013

Cat Breed Studies: Russian Blue

The first of more cats! With this series I have been aiming to improve on the more detailed kind of pet studies from the cat food packaging and the Urban Pup dog apparel illustrations.

I find drawing/exploring a few different breeds/types of an animal or subject is a good way to notice their distinct and unique forms; in the hope of noting differences like hair/fur textures and variations in body shapes and sizes will hopefully make the subject a little more accurate.

Hey, do you think this rather regal-looking Russian Blue bares a resemblance to the "Sheba" cat?

These "cat breed studies" are a little more detailed to how I usually illustrate (and seem to be in the league of almost realistic portraits) ..

I feel I definitely need to get back to my own looser and much livelier style of illustrating - I hope it will loosen me up again after all this detailed work!


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