Saturday, 15 October 2011

Framed Poodle Portraits and Sarah's framed fish print!

My friend Sarah bought her Mum a print (from my Society 6 shop) of my three oranda fish for Mother's Day this year and she has kindly sent me some photos of it and where it hangs in her study!

   I also finally found some frames for my poodle portraits so I could finally give them to my Dad, (I was contemplating waiting until Christmas!) and he has hung them in his and my Mum's bedroom! (I gave my Dad both of them in the end, and he loves them!) You can see the full portraits of Rosie the miniature poodle here.

 The "poodle portraits" are of Rosie, my sweet, crazy little miniature poodle. She's 14 now but still bouncing off the walls like a puppy. I've had a few comments referring to whether Rosie is a grey poodle, well, here's the star of the show herself-she's black, with a lot of silver, not actually completely grey all over like my pale water colours suggest....after testing out shades of black I didn't like how muddy they looked so I went with a paler, more flattering colour scheme of greyish blue.


  1. I was looking at your work (big fan!) and I saw here that you have a Society6!! Do you prefer it over the etsy account that you used to have? What are some pros and cons that you have found?

    I really appreciate your feedback, I'm a beginning artist myself :)

  2. Hi Katrina! Thank you! :) I still have my Etsy account but I haven't updated it in a while - oops! I prefer Society 6 as it easier for me in the way that I do not have to take the time to have prints especially made (Society 6 do all the making!) Although the earnings from it are quite tiny! I am not serious about producing prints at the moment, but if I was to start selling more I am not sure which site I would prefer. I would probably continue to use both sites as both have their pros and cons. Etsy is much more personal, you know exactly what your customer will receive! :) I'm a little vague I know! Thanks for your question and good luck with your work :)

    1. Thank you! You addressed my own debates--ease and small profit vs. more work and complete control.