Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Fairytale Initial Letter Illustrations

Here are the final designs from the story-book style "initial letters" I have recently part of my first formal commission! (Wheee!) Even though most rough designs I did had full colour, in the end, the decision was made for the finals to be in monochrome. I have put together pages of some of my rough workings before each of the final illustrations so you can see how I progress.....The letters will illustrate the capital letters of three short fairytale stories within a design that is to decorate a set of mugs.   

The Princess and the Pea: "O"   

Sleeping Beauty: "I"  
(You can see some more of the concepts and rough sketches for this one here)

The Ugly Duckling: "S"


 And here are the three of them together and scaled down:

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  1. hello! i was wondering if I could use your I in my blog/website i'm creating :) the page i'm needing the I for is my dream blog page and it has a fairytale day dream feel that your beautiful artwork is perfect for! it would be used very small but would def add something...