Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Milk Packaging Completed

I went back and added more colour to my typeface to give it more of an impact and to complement the colour scheme of the illustrations. I painted over the top of my pencil drawing in Photoshop:

 Today I finished photographing my milk carton designs and point of sale stand, which completes the uni brief of illustrating/designing milk packaging that is aimed at children and parents.

I also finished building my website! http://www.amyholliday.co.uk


  1. amazing work!very well done!

  2. If these were in the store, I would buy them just for the artwork. Lovely, Kay

  3. I created milk packaging and decided to aim it at the teenage market. Their are development of ideas on the left and the finished outcomes on the right. I wanted to create a nice look and decided to simulate the illusion of a half pipe by creating a consistent curve.Packaging design

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