Monday, 9 May 2011

The Goldfinches and the Lovebird

I was recently asked to contribute to a school's auction in the form of a commission (yay! my first proper commission!!)  to produce an illustration similar to my previous fish and budgie studies. To make sure the outcome would be similar, I decided to illustrate a lively and colourful bird.

I produced a number of goldfinch studies; the idea being the most successful would be the commissioned piece.

However after doing these, I was very unsure about their duller colours! And so I did one more, this time a lovebird, which i'd recently seen at the pet shop where I did my budgie studies.

In the end, I chose the lovebird to submit as the commissioned piece. As a form of self-promotion, I included a small plaque featuring information about me, as well as a stack of business cards for anyone at the auction who may be interested in my work. As this was my first attempt at a business card, I feel they could be improved upon in the future. I plan to re-do them and one change I will make is making my contact details larger!


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