Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Parrots in Love! Red and Blue Macaw Pair // Avairy Logo

I recently had the pleasure of painting more macaw parrots. This time a loved-up couple to be used as a new logo for the wonderful "Feathered Companions Avairy" in Delmar, Maryland. The aviary breeds many kinds of parrots, but the stars of the show are of course the big-hearted and beautiful macaws. 

It was great to work on the parrots' face detail this time, (my previous paintings are less detailed)

:: Process and Roughs...

There were many possibilities for the design, which I drew inspiration for from the aviary's own photos. Below are just some of my exploratory drawings... flight and very happy:

...and a baby.

You can find previous posts with my macaws series from 2011 here:

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