Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"Get Wired" Part 2

Brief Part 2:
You need to find a piece of text, a brief quotation, from any source, which you are going to visualise using your new type. Consider carefully the qualities of the type you have created and how connections could be made with the content/meaning of your text.

I began to use my wire font creations as objects of which to illustrate. I started by drawing them as I saw them and from there developed my drawings into letterforms. I chose to focus on the wire nest and ultimately a bird's nest typeface evolved.

I took inspiration from my local area for the quote and the idea that a nest is a home which has been designed and built for the purpose of raising a family:

"The Traditional Lake District Home-
An established, substantial structure bursting with
rustic charm; ideal for a growing young family."

 Initial colour sketches:

Final typeface illustrations: 

Full Font Name: 

 Final Poster complete with quote: 


Alternative Design; in the style of the old Victorian botanical illustrations complete with "annotation": 



  1. This is a great project, and you have executed it wonderfully. I love seeing your process and the final variations.

  2. A beautiful font! Hope you don't mind that I've mentioned it on my blog as I am doing a similar project at university.


  3. these are gorgeous! You did a wonderful job being true to the font and nests. I remember doing this project in school, you rocked it.

  4. @Matt Spencer Thanks! Your "mention" and the rest of the blog post about me is fantastic, thank you so much! Good luck with the project!