Friday, 8 October 2010

Bird Nests!

The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to further develop illustration skills as well as work on something I am truly interested in at the same time. I needed a subject that could be viewed first-hand in which I could properly investigate and really get to know. Luckily when I arrived home from Carlisle I found that there was two(!) abandoned chaffinch nests in the garden, and so, I set myself a personal project to study bird's nests. I set out to explore these lovely creations and as many ways possible. 

Initial pencil studies

Acrylic study of light on dark

white on brown

I began to become influenced by the art nouveau movement in this one: 

Painting with twigs and using leaves for stencil effect:

 Bringing techniques together; watercolours on top of an initial pencil drawing:

 Ink pen studies 

 More watercolour on pencil with fine liners and gel pens to add detail:


Ink with watercolour and pen for up-view studies:


Blended watercolours for a more abstract approach:

Pencil and pencil crayons with watercolours: I found this created a softer, much more natural look.

 More white on brown:

 A few sketchbook spread scans to show how they are in the flesh:

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  1. Brilliant ! I have a few birds nests and my current project is to try and figure out how to draw them in watercolour pencil. I have been looking at a few blogs and books (Maryjo Koch is my favourite so far). But your experiments are inspirational I will learn alot by looking at them and the techniques you have used. Thanks for sharing