Monday, 11 June 2018

Dinosaur height chart // Talltape

Recently, I was thrilled to work with London-based company "Memories of Growing Up" who asked me to design a tall tower of 30 individual, characterful dinosaurs for their “Talltape” range.

“Talltape, the portable children’s height chart, helps you to keep an on-going record of your child’s height from birth all the way to adulthood. The perfect alternative to recording measurements on a wall or door, Talltape won’t get left behind or painted over – it just stays with you. As featured in the Daily Mail, New York Metro Parents and Baby London Magazine.“

Each dinosaur is unique and annotated by hand with his/her scientific name. I had a lot of fun designing it! I aimed to include a broad variety of dinosaur species, so that children can discover the wide spectrum of different types. They are all (approximately!) sized to scale in comparison to one another. 

The dino Talltape is available to buy in my online Etsy shop now. Find it here!

The following are some sections from the finished chart itself. 
The actual tape size is 10cm wide and 200cm tall. 

Some more stacked dinosaur sections, without the measurements: 

Spinosaurus (below) is the largest dino of the bunch - he takes up a lot of space!

To create the design, I first sketched out my idea on a rough sheet of printed-out tape. I then used this as a guide to remind me of the narrow dimensions I was working with. It was a challenge to fit some of the bigger and more shapely dinosaur species into this narrow space - lots of tweaks and adjustments were needed...

When I was happy with the sketched design, I transferred each of the dinosaurs onto watercolour paper. I separated them all to provide me with enough space to paint each individually. This later allowed me to have each dinosaur as a separate piece I could then scan and place within the digital file to be positioned as desired. When all dinosaurs were painted, I then wrote their scientific names in ink... 

If you would like to purchase one of these lovely Talltapes you can find them 
here in my online Etsy shop now!

Artwork (C) Amy Holliday 2018
Talltape (C) Memories of Growing Up 2018


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