Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Angus Lord Snizzort of Trotternish // Madoli Design Costume

I was very surprised and excited to hear that Angus, the Lord Snizzort of Trotternish himself has his first fan-creation! This incredible costume was created by Olivia Laking of Madoli Design. The details are spot-on! 

Angus is the main character in a book I illustrated last year for children's author Kelly McGill.

Artwork (C) Amy Holliday 2015 

Angus Lord Snizzort of Trotternish (C) Kelly McGill 2015

Angus stage costume by Olivia Laking. For more info visit


  1. Oh! I've been waiting to hear about the book! Is it out? Where can I find it??

    1. Hi Katrina! I'm sorry to say it still isn't out yet! I will definitely let everyone know as soon as it is! Its really nice to know you're looking forward to it :)