Friday, 13 June 2014

Sealife/Crustaceans Series: Edible Crustaceans as Educational, Scientific Illustration

Personal work. Playing around with my crustacean series (so far!) Here they are complete with their Latin scientific names, such as those seen in textbooks and vintage scientific illustrations. 
I would like to add some mussels, winkles and maybe oysters too.

It seems these guys could be right at home both in a science book or on a quirky restaurant menu. 
What do you think?

All images (C) Amy Holliday 2014 please do not use without permission.


  1. I think they worth to be placed in menu) They are gorgeous! I love them!

    1. Ah the menu! Glad you think so! Thank you Yulia :)

  2. They'd even make a great poster or cards to be sold by the beach!