Monday, 11 November 2013

Tea Packaging // Appetizing Ingredients: Juicy Strawberries

I was recently thrilled to be approached by a prestigious client with the prospect to provide the new illustrations for a certain rather large tea brand's new range of packaging...

See previous post for the full story here. Previously posted ingredients: is my final series of the three; juicy, rosy strawberries...

These are my favourites from the three series...I love strawberries! It was torture having the ripe, juicy strawberries in front of my nose while I worked on them. I have painted strawberries before although it was a long time ago (2011) so it was great to have a fresh attempt at them using new techniques.

All images are (C) Amy Holliday. Please do not use without permission. 


  1. mmm! Strawberries are my favorite! I love how perfect your paint splatters are... I would definitely buy this tea.

    1. Mine too! "Perfect" paint splatters?! Haha :) thank you so much Sarah!! :D