Monday, 28 October 2013

Tea Packaging // Appetizing Ingredients: Spicy Ginger

I was recently thrilled to be approached by a prestigious client with the prospect to provide the new illustrations for a certain rather large tea brand's new range of packaging...

I was interviewed at two stages and was asked to complete a trial brief. I made it though to the final stages although sadly, in the end I was not chosen as the final illustrator for the project.

However! Completing this brief was very exciting for me as it was an utter dream-come-true to be considered for such a wonderful project with such an amazing client. It has left me feeling very optimistic for the future.     

I was asked to complete three series of fresh, juicy, appetizing ingredients shown at various angles, similar to my previous lemon studies.

Here are the first of my ingredients. Warm, spicy root ginger...

 Two more ingredient studies coming very soon...

Images are (C) Amy Holliday. Please do not use without permission. 


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