Monday, 9 September 2013

Q & A: "How did you find your style of working?"

Q: "Hello. I just wanted to say I love your work! I'm studying illustration in university and was just wondering how you came about your definite style in working.. I have yet to find mine. ha."

 A: Thank you, it’s so nice of you to get in touch. Which year are you in? I didn't properly find/settle on my best way of working until the end of my second year (of university). I experimented a LOT with all kinds of media and approaches as I tried to fulfil the tutors' briefs and please them. I did learn a lot from trying many new and different things, but in the end, (and with the helpful guidance of one tutor in particular), I realised that I produced my best work when I stayed true to myself and what I love; drawing. As soon as I had found my focus, (and stopped trying to please everyone but myself) everything gradually started to fall into place. I returned to focusing on traditional techniques with drawing at the forefront, but applied my newly discovered skills and fresh ways of thinking as I strived to better myself and make my work stronger.

Afterthought: I feel I have so much more to explore and learn. I think a "style" develops a little with every new subject/project you encounter and with any new techniques you try. Many artists' work tend to vary and change over time...maybe in the future my work will have a completely different look to it?


  1. that's the main way to find your style, almost the same happened with me and many artist friends of mine.
    You said it all at the last paragraph though, everyone changes over time, why our drawing style\skills stay the same?

    have a great day!

    1. Thanks for letting me know you feel the same way - I'm glad you agree :)

      You too Vaso!