Wednesday, 17 October 2012

More Fruits: Lemons and Blackberries

I set myself a challenge to re-illustrate the graphic for the Twinings' tea "Green tea with lemon". I also wanted to experiment with various styles and approaches to a subject, and lemons seemed like a good, simple subject to do.

As well as some quite detailed and highly textured studies, I also tried some simpler versions, using less colours and for others, minimal brush strokes.

 My final design:

I also painted some juicy and very ripe blackberries. They were fun to do but it was difficult to select the best colours to use, as I found that I wanted to highlight the rich shades in order to really emphasise their juicyness, but I had to do so without making them appear unnaturally colourful!

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  1. Hi!

    Not sure if my pervious comment was posted. Do you sell your graphics? I wanted to use the lemons on my blog. Thank you!