Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Sketchbook Pages: Parrots and Geese

Everything has pretty much stopped in the past couple of weeks for me...I've been physically unable to do pretty much anything at all since I sprained my knee (which stopped me from standing for long) and then somehow managed to hurt a muscle/nerve in my lower back (which has stopped me from sitting and laying down properly!) The funny thing is I have no idea how either of them happened! 

I have however, managed to set up a Facebook page...so if you are a frequent user of the book of face, feel free to "like" me to follow my updates there https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amy-Holliday-Illustration#!/pages/Amy-Holliday-Illustration/330635163618041

Anyway, here's a few studies I've collected together from some recent scribblings...it surprises me how loose my drawings have become...


  1. Lots of compliments (and envy) for so much talent and easy, loose sketching. Just look up your colleagues Emil Pottner (recent posting in the Linosaurus) and Alexander (Max) Koester (Google) who shared your talent for depicting waterfowl.

  2. @Gerrie Thanks for the support Gerrie, and thank you very much for the inspirational artist suggestions - Alexander (Max) Koester's paintings are absolutely beautiful!!!