Thursday, 9 June 2011

Lovebirds: finished!

Here are the two finished pieces; the first has been commissioned but the other I would really like to sell, if anyone would like him. I'm thinking about selling my goldfinch studies too, if anyone is interested. They are all on 200gsm watercolour paper and are just a bit bigger than A4 size.

The previous lovebird that was commissioned from me was for a school's charity auction, and here is how it looked when it sold; alongside my little "plaque" that I made to give the bidders a bit of an insight to who I am. The orange frame it was put in really suits makes me want to start framing things myself!


  1. Ooh, so shiny and professional!
    You're going to go far, Holliday!
    Don't hesitate in selling, your work and name will spread further afield. Plus the money, of course!
    J. x

  2. @Jessica On Paper Haha thanks Jess :) and thanks for the advice! I think i've just suddenly dived into business-woman mode out of the fear I need to start making money! x