Saturday, 19 March 2011

Budgies and Bunnies

During my first visit to the pet shop to draw the fish, my attention was caught by the lively, brightly coloured budgies they had in the next room. I just had to go back there a second time to draw them.

I not only wanted to capture the vibrant colours, but also their movements and characteristics.


On the same trip to the pet shop, I also made some sketches of the English rabbits.


  1. good to see you have a blog!i really enjoyed your work from dA!
    keep up!

  2. Stumbled over your budgies, found love birds and the japanese veil-tails. You're good! Will follow and return later.

  3. Is the last picture of the budgies you painted for sale? I can't afford much but I love that piece.

  4. Hi Colie, Thank you! I'm sorry to say that the paintings are not for sale, but you can buy prints of them at my Society 6 page here: